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Food and Veterinary Institute Oldenburg

The Food and Veterinary Institute Oldenburg of LAVES is concerned with significant tasks in the areas of diagnosing and combating livestock epidemics and diseasesas well as animal welfare. In the specialist fields and departments, the institute tests for pathogens fromreported livestock epidemics and diseases requiring notification as well as diseases spread from animals to humans (zoonosis), hygiene risks in slaughter houses and companies preparing meat, and at agricultural producers. Important focus is placed on antibiotics and other residues in animals and resistances of micro-organisms.

The Food and Veterinary Institute Oldenburg is, within the scope of official food monitoring, responsible statewide for the inspection and evaluation of:

  • meat, meat products and sausages
  • fresh fruits and vegetables, potatoes
  • dairy products
  • cheese
  • foods for infants and young children
  • ice cream (in the region)

and for the following special examinations:

  • pesticide residue in food and animal feed
  • dioxin and coplanar biphenyl in food, feed and biological indicators
  • evidence of handling food with ionising radiation (radiation)
  • evidence of authenticity and origin of food and animal feed with aid of isotope technology
  • investigating monitoring of environmental radioactivity in breast milk (statewide) as well as food (regional)

To avoid conflicts of interest no investigations are carried out for private persons in the scope of official food monitoring.

At the request or with the agreement of the food monitoring authorities in independent towns and districts, the Institute's assessors participate in manufacturing site inspections.

Furthermore, the Institute is involved in the training of veterinarians and food inspectors.

In the Food and Veterinary Institute Oldenburg, there are approximately 250 employees as well as 10 chemical lab assistant trainees and 10 biology lab assistant trainees.

An extensive quality management system in accordance with international standards DIN EN ISO/IEC 17205 guarantees, in the AKS Hannover approved institute, high information value and reproducible results.

Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety
Food and Veterinary Institute Oldenburg
Martin-Niemöller-Str. 2
D-26133 Oldenburg
Phone: +49 441 97 13-0
Fax: +49 441 97 13-121

Here you will find the directions to the Food and Veterinary Institute Oldenburg.

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Food and Veterinary Institute Oldenburg

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