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Mission Statement of the Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety

LAVES - we act for the collective good of both humans and animals

LAVES - we use our expertise for the benefit of our clients


  • are a motivated and highly competent team of employees
  • work at the highest professional level based on the most recent scientific knowledge
  • cooperate on a basis of trust with municipal, state and national public authorities; EU, national and state committees; investigating and research institutes; companies from the food industry and other trading organisations; media and other associations
  • care for the concerns of the consumers
  • guarantee a comprehensive and qualified clarification of facts and transparency
  • are readily available for our customers because our facilities are located across the length and breadth of the State of Lower Saxony

- Innovation and dynamics are our strengths


  • acts early and with foresight
  • guarantees risk-oriented consumer protection
  • combines and consolidates its enforcement, monitoring and inspection tasks under one authority
  • develops in a continuous process new strategies to improve consumer health protection
  • relies on the support of a comprehensive quality management system to realise its duties and responsibilities
  • is committed to continuously improving its processes and achievements

LAVES - depends on the skills of its employees


  • act on the basis of a legal framework
  • use our scope for decision-making
  • are unbiased, consumer-friendly, and cost-conscious
  • are independent of commercial interests
  • keep each other mutually informed comprehensively and promptly
  • work together on a basis of trust, goal-oriented and cooperatively

12. July 2007

Mission Statement
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