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Quality Management at LAVES

New demands on the German State and public administration require new approaches also at LAVES. Thus, we keep a special eye on our clients. With the optimisation of work procedures, quality improvement of services and products, and further development thereof, we are seeking to continually improve our actions. Documented procedures shall result in more transparency and comprehensibility in administrative processes as well as meeting the EU requirements for uniform control at a constantly high level.

We would like to achieve this by introducing a quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 on the basis of the "Uniform Quality Management in Official Organisations in Lower Saxony for Consumer Protection – EQUINO”.

Key areas of comprehensive quality management are customer satisfaction, but also thatof employees, as well as the quality of products and processes. At the same time, increasing the effectiveness and profitability of our administration are accompanying aspects.

The implementation was carried out from the end of 2006 with great staff commitment and staff involvement. In a single big step, the introductory project was brought to an end in 2007.

In addition, individual accreditations of LAVES’ testing facilities exist in accordance with DIN ISO 17025 .

For general enquiries please contact us concerning this. For specific enquiries relating to LAVES` internal quality management system EQUINO, the following contact options are available:

Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety
QMB Dr. Christine Bothmann
P.O. Box 3949
D-26029 Oldenburg


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